Incredible Discovery

por AleXZavesa

Artística Ambiental melodía, instrumento de música - Piano eléctrico.

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  • Incredible Discovery AleXZavesa

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    The Path Of Loneliness AleXZavesa

    It’s a light, sad and atmospheric royalty-free ambient track with glitch drums, deep bass, warm and deep piano, and atmospheric synth sound for your technology and science videos. It is perfect for hi-tech gears and new innovations projects, documentaries about space exploration, film credits, and timelapse videos, etc.

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    Reach The Goal DPmusic

    This motivational and inspiring track will make your projects sound awesome. Great for corporate uses, successful projects, bright startups, fantastic time and more. In the style of Imagine Dragons, or OneRepublic.

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    Dreamy Sceneries ihsandincer

    A warm, soft, dreamy and emotional background track with echoey electric guitars, piano, pads and a soft beat. An ideal choice for timelapse videos, drones, documentaries, presentation projects, dramatic videos, and more. This track will give a dreamy vibe to your projects with its ambient atmosphere.

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    Calloused Tom Beuchel

    This is an alternative rock track with electronic elements in the vein of Linkin Parks' Hybrid Theory. The brooding, ominous tone is great for invoking that era of music.

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    Together We Grow Diva Production Music

    Inspirational and brave pop-rock track, featuring piano, electric guitars, orchestral strings, pads, bass and drums. Perfect background for commercials, advertising, corporate videos, travel adventures, scenes of bravery and self-devotion, social hero, motivational content and more.

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    Breathtaking DPmusic

    This is breathtaking and very inspiring pop-rock music with great energy and bright motivational atmosphere. Main instruments are electric guitar, digital synth, bass, strings, piano and drums. This exciting and uplifting track could be a perfect choice as background music for any video production, multimedia projects, Youtube channels, narrations or life stories, films and other projects.

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    Inspirational Space Diva Production Music

    Inspirational and uplifting music track, featuring piano, electric guitars and strings. Perfect background for corporate use, advertising, business projects, slideshows, presentations, promotions and more.

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    Modern Corporation Audiocalm

    This is beautiful, inspirational and light corporate music with atmospheric and beautiful melody. Good background audio for advertising, radio, slideshow, presentations, YouTube, successful business starts, film scores.

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    Light In My Soul Audioflame

    Light sensual atmospheric track with guitar, soft piano and gentle pads in the background. Perfect for your media project!

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    Inspiring New Life Benjamin Segal

    An inspiring orchestral corporate motivational song also with electronic instruments and calm drums

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