Friendship Last Forever

por AudioPanda

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Aireado Acústica melodía, instrumento de música - Campanas, Piano.

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  • Friendship Last Forever AudioPanda

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    Summer Flowers ihsandincer

    Hopeful and caring rustic acoustic track designed to bring a positive feeling to your projects. The piece features acoustic guitars, drums, bass, piano and glockenspiel. It could be used for commercials, photo slideshows related to family, friends and happy moments or any project that requires a warm and sentimental feel.

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    Feeling Positive Matthias Harris

    An optimistic, upbeat and fun track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, hand claps and catchy glockenspiel lines, making it ideal music for commercial or corporate use.

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    Happy And Cute Yevhen Lokhmatov

    Happy music track with whistling, bells and claps. Cute melodies and playful mood create funny atmosphere. Perfect for projects with children, animals, food, family oriented commercials, Easter and travel vlogs.

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    Upbeat Ukulele And Whistle Roman Cano

    This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, human whistle, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect music for PowerPoint presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

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    Carry On Smiling Geoff Harvey

    The main melody features a simple, but cheery marimba and glockenspiel, with the marimba taking on a life of its own as the song progresses. The use of bell-like sounds from the xylophone and chimes gives the tune a positive and bright vibe. A great track for use in any project needing joyful, carefree and positive background music.

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    Happy Sunshine Roman Cano

    This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for corporate presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

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    Whats Cooking Geoff Harvey

    A warming, bright, and flowing acoustic melody consisting of joyful and positive notes provide a relaxed feeling of happiness and joy. Acoustic guitar and celesta provide a cozy sense of comfort and joy, making it ideal for make-up or craft themes but is also perfect for conveying being happy or thoughtful. Also suitable for educational use, advertising, or commercial use.

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    Joyful Background Sascha Giebel

    A cheerful catchy melodic theme, played by glockenspiel and xylophone over an ukulele-style guitar and a bouncing, clappy, light-hearted shuffle groove. Perfect background for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and happy atmosphere.

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    Great Ideas Geoff Harvey

    An inspiring and joyful track that sparkles with life and enthusiasm. Features pizzicato, glockenspiel, and marimba creating a simple sweet music theme for happiness, smiles, and joyfulness. A bright and positive track that creates colorful imagery in the mind of a playful kid having fun while playing outdoors or just experiencing simple daily activities like washing dishes or reading new books.

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    Joyful Christmas Days DPmusic

    Highly positive and happy Christmas music with a bright Happy New Year atmosphere. Nice background for Christmas videos, advertising, celebrations, festive and fancy videos.

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    Summer Time Owen Mulcahy

    This is a happy upbeat positive tune driven by acoustic guitars and is filled with sunny energy expressing joy and happiness relaxing in the sun with friends and family, children playing and lots of laughter.It would work well with many different projects bringing it to life with this very optimistic feel. Enjoy

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    A Sunny Morning ihsandincer

    A simple yet uplifting acoustic track with positive vibes. Featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and glockenspiel. This track is specially made for projects that need an uplifting mood, such as internet commercials, funny animal videos, kids videos, tutorials, bakery and cooking videos, vlogs and much more.

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    Magical Moments Amit Harel

    This is a sweet tune with a vintage flavor & orchestral elements makes a great track to use if you want to give a creative & magical feeling to your project. Perfect for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, kids projects, winter holidays, Christmas shopping and more. Featured instruments, piano, strings, clarinet, bells, harp, contrabass, drums & percussion. In the style of "Home Alone" soundtrack.

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    Childrens Smiles HorizontMusic

    A bright, cheerful royalty-free acoustic song with an inspiring piano, "para-pa" vocals insertion, ukuleles, and bells. Perfect for happy-end, commercials involving freedom, children content, kids party, a hippie life, entertainment clubs, fun videos, YouTube family vlogs, baby clothing ads, travel clips, or lifestyle podcasts.

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    Sunny Weekend Diva Production Music

    Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring warm acoustic guitars and piano. In the style of Americana, acoustic folk and new country. The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and joy.

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    Family Fun Yoav Alyagon

    Upbeat and fun acoustic song with ukulele, bells and claps. Its perfect for family videos, playful advertising, kids videos, commercials, adventures, and more.

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    Kids Playground Fun Yoav Alyagon

    Fun and happy track, perfect for background music and advertising, children related content, Youtube and much more.

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    Life Is Happy Yoav Alyagon

    Light, positive and happy track with a joyful and easy feeling, featuring: ukulele, whistles, and claps!

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    Infinite Bell Mikael Manvelyan

    Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel. Perfect for successful business projects, sparkling and bright advertisement, girlish projects, celebration, and happy mood. Enjoy!

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    Positive Sun SnowMusicStudio

    This happy, uplifting and joyful track will give a positive mood for your video, game or another projects.

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    Light Walk SnowMusicStudio

    Cute acoustic folk background music. The mood is light and cheerful. Good for providing a joyful, positive, uptempo vibe for your project.

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    Fun Day Shopping Day E.L. Mahon

    A cool tune suited just right for a fun upbeat commercial ad. Light, refreshing and full of feel-good vibes. Featuring ukulele, whistling, claps and bells.

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    Feeling Happy Days Nazar Rybak

    This is how a happy farm sounds like. Bright, emotional, hopeful, life-affirming, optimistic, impressing, uplifting, inspiring, bewitching, motivational, upbeat, imponderable, and positive track.

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    Seaside Shine SnowMusicStudio

    Cheerful happy and positive background music. Great for your optimistic and positive projects.

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    Clean Apple SnowMusicStudio

    Positive, elegant and light corporate background music with harmonic guitars, ukulele, bells, claps, bass, drums. The track is perfect for promotional videos, business presentations, blogs, YouTube videos, and more.

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    Acoustic Colors SnowMusicStudio

    Cheerful acoustic folk music with a calm and happy atmosphere. Nice background music for your inspiring presentation, advertising, YouTube videos, etc.

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    Cheerful Happiness Twisterium

    This is a cheerful, uplifting and happy pop music track featuring acoustic guitars, piano, fun hand claps, whistling, bells and more. Excellent for families and children, innocence and happiness, home pets funny videos, cooking receipts, day off with friends, sweet commercial background, heartwarming moments, and simple life.

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    Happy And Wonderful Media Sushi

    This is a happy tune with sweet vocals & orchestral elements make a great track to use if you want to give a creative, magical feeling to your project. Perfect for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, kids projects and more.

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    Magic Sines Soundroll

    As the title, the music is a magical and smooth, featuring acoustic guitars, small bells, gentle synth arpeggio touches, subtle electronic elements. Great use as a background music in any kind of visuals where emotions and kindness are needed.

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    Im So Happy Mark Kueffner

    Happy, quirky, uplifting song, featuring bells, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Perfect for uplifting commercials.

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    Happy Thoughts Geoff Harvey

    Joyful glockenspiel combined with wood blocks, casual acoustic guitar and ukulele creates a simplistic, easy going melody containing many joyful, uplifting elements. Ideal for short everyday commercials, Children\'s themes or projects that require happy flowing elements.

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    The Whistler Christian Aen

    This background music is a happy and upbeat fun instrumental featuring acoustic guitar,whistling, ukulele, piano,and bells.

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    Playtime Owen Mulcahy

    This is a bright,happy and playful little tune with piano ukulele and guitars, it has a fun loving young fresh carefree attitude, invoking positive optimistic feelings of joyful times.Enjoy!

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    Positive Fun Ryan Ancona

    This Happy and Positive Instrumental features upbeat acoustic ukulele and bells It also has a very fun and playful piano progression perfect for commercial TV Ads for kids or children projects or a presentation needing a cheerful and energetic vibe. Perfect for corporate videos that need that easy listening feeling.

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    Best Day Ever Matthias Harris

    A positive and fun track featuring ukulele acoustic guitar piano whistling hand claps and catchy glockenspiel lines making it ideal for commercial or corporate use.

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    Feeling Fantasdtic Gari Biasillo

    An upbeat fun and optimistic song featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, electric piano, handclaps, and live drums make this an ideal track for corporate and commercial usage.

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    Upbeat Feeling Matthias Harris

    An upbeat and optimistic track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, piano, hand claps and catchy glockenspiel lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use.

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    You Make Me Smile Sascha Giebel

    A happy, motivational and cheerful instrumental background music track with a catchy glockenspiel melody over an uplifting groove, fun hand claps and an upbeat vibe.

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    Happy Ukulele Ryan Ancona

    This background music is a happy and upbeat fun instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, bells. The ukulele and acoustic guitar gives it that happy, cheerful and carefree sound that is popular in tv advertising commercials. Its perfect background music if you need a instrumental that will give a positive and uplifting vibe.

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