Dear Max

por Emilio Merone

Animada Jazz melodía, instrumento de música - Percusión.

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  • Dear Max Emilio Merone

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    Bossa Nova Nights ihsandincer

    A peaceful, elegant, and relaxing Bossa Nova track. Featuring flute, trumpet, electric pianos, electric guitar, bass, drums and percussion. A great choice for elevators, supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, on hold messages, lounge zones, holiday projects and more

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    Funny Day Emilio Merone

    A bright, funny and easy going track. Featuring baritone sax electric guitar, harmonica solo a happy clappy beat. Very happy and catchy sounding.

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    Jazz Drums Fast Solo Andrea Bellina

    Exciting drum solo, moving, involving, rolling and animated. Snares, toms, percussions cymbals and crashes. Such a wild drum track! Ideal to be inserted in a piece of music with trumpets or a fast piano melody, vibraphone or jazz guitar. Recorded at 118 Bpm, 4/4 timing.

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    Drums Of Doom Christian Aen

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    Power Action Drums Jerzy Bekus

    Get ready for action! Dynamic and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

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    Brazil Rio Olympics Taco Music

    An upbeat, positive and celebration style Brazilian percussive track that is perfect for the Rio Olympics and latin samba feel. Energetic, powerful, bold, proud and triumphant with a South American festival flavor that will energize the crowds. Also good for capoeira and stomp action.

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