Story Of The World

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Artística Moderna clásica melodía, instrumento de música - Flauta, Cuerdas.

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  • Story Of The World Audiocalm

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    Magical Asia LexinMusic

    Great royalty-free Asian orchestral theme with magical guzheng, strings, drums, brass, woodwinds, piano, and Oriental elements. Best for incredible landscapes, documentary movies, romantic passion, or travel visuals.

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    Light Me Up AG Music

    Confidence and optimism abound in this elevating track. Inspire your audience with a soft mood, warming and joyful. Perfect for use in corporate video, positive advertisements, and lively lifestyle programming. Witten in the manner of Thomas Newman.

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    Little Creatures Geoff Harvey

    Cute and sweet melody featuring Pizzicato Strings, Celesta and pleasant flute. Very suitable for conveying joy and happiness in animal theme or video game scenario for background scene. The melody has many highs and inspirational feel good instrumental elements that imply love, happiness and fun.

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    Beauty In The Little Things SnowMusicStudio

    Beautiful sentimental modern classical composition with piano, strings, cinematic percussion, flute, pads. Creates sentimental, hopeful inspiring mood. Perfect for promotional media, slow-motion montage, fantasy cinematic plots, nature landscapes, and other media projects.

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    Little Cute Things Geoff Harvey

    A playful array of musical instruments including Oboe, piccolo flute, chimes, strings, snare and wood blocks create a delicate, sweet melody suitable for children or animation projects. The melody was designed to feature many ups and downs expressing positivity and joy with simple instrumental bursts throughout. The chimes create a happy and cute edge to the theme, making it ideal for animal theme music or creative video projects to convey a simple impression.

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    Nature Documentary LexinMusic

    Fabulous thematic orchestration that unfolds as a musical story. Performed with wonderful strings, angelic harp, and Celtic flutes to create a romantic fairytale atmosphere in the Disney tradition. Perfect for short light intro, nature documentaries, title or background music for magic tales, travel vlogs, motion graphics, or a variety of other uses.

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    Epic Dream Owen Mulcahy

    The theme of this Piece starts out with a harp and percussion arpeggio and slowly builds up getting more powerful and epic.It expresses powerful emotions of grander and excitement as well as a controlled sense of integrity and innovation. It is a universal piece which can be used for many different projects including Video Games, youtube videos, T.V Adverts,Film soundtrack and movie trailer.

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    The Wonder Of Asia LexinMusic

    Ethnic music theme from the Asia fused with cinematic modern textures. This mystical music creates a majestic and unforgettable ambience that is perfect for suspenseful film soundtrack, ancient movie trailers, film openers, asian documentaries, travel Asia journey and more. It is based on guzheng, gaohu, strings, cello, piano, bass, flutes, percussion and brass.

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    Away From Here AG Music

    Smooth and gentle, featuring touching clean guitar, light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and uplifting mood. Perfect for drones footage , nature & travels videos.

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    Dreams And Hopes Audiocalm

    Beautiful elegant orchestral classical piano track with inspiring motivational and elegant mood. Wonderful background music for inspiring speech, historical films, atmospheric vision, and colorful nature videos, emotional travel journey, romantic movies, heartfelt drama, trailer, presentation etc. This tune will give your projects more life and breathe.

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    Creativity Jon Wright

    An uplifting, elegant and inspiring chamber orchestra track. Adds a sense of style and sophistication to any project.

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    Travel To The New Lands ihsandincer

    A track that will make you want to discover and travel the world. Perfect for travel videos, cartoon, games, and African romantic themes documentaries. In the style of "The Lion King" Disney cartoon animation.

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    New Road SnowMusicStudio

    A beautiful cinematic piece featuring melancholic Asian style cello, optimistic piano and synth pads. Perfect for travel inspired mood and just a sublime listening experience. Resembling Joe Hisaishi "Departures" soundtrack.

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    Give Me The Hope Audiocalm

    An original cinematic piano track, which is full of hope and emotions. Perfect for film scores, time-lapses, Mother's day, reflective moments, emotional journey, wedding videos. Instruments are piano, cello, viola, violins, flute.

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    I Miss You Audiocalm

    Emotional heartfelt track create memorable and romantic mood. Good for wedding slideshows, documentary, reflective moments, emotional journey, love films. Instruments are piano and orchestral strings. Inspired by Ludovico Einaudi.

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    Childhood Memories Audiocalm

    Dreamy and emotional track with magical and light mood. Featuring instruments are piano, harp, flute, celesta. Great for films, slideshow, heartwarming moments, wedding videos.

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    Light Sorrow DPmusic

    Light, beautiful and touching track with emotional and gentle sound. Perfect background audio for any proper events such as wedding videos, love stories, sweet and gentle moments of life.

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    Wedding Day SnowMusicStudio

    Beautiful, sweet, positive and instrumental music track. Great for a wedding ceremony, lovely relationship, romantic TV scenes, build up to kiss, sweet commercial and more.

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    Winter Fairy Elena Naumova

    Bright and merry music performed by the orchestra. Festive music with pizzicato strings and a lot of bells creates festive, New Year and Christmas atmosphere.

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    Joyful Inspiration AG Music

    Inspirational and uplifting orchestral music with a soft piano melody and orchestral staccato & pizzicatos strings, that slowly build up and gain momentum. The orchestral sections are supported by soft bell tones accents and light percussion to give this motivational track a positive and lively feeling. A carefully crafted piece that works great for presentations, product promos, ads, commercials, inspirational content, business shows and more.

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    Staccato Strings Theme Andrea Bellina

    Orchestral Composition for staccato strings (bass, cellos, violas and violins), piano and horns. The theme is dramatic and conveys a sense of unavoidable destiny. It can fit well with any dramatic scene in movies, short movies, trailers, and even advertisements that need an orchestral cue to underscore specific scenes. Perfect for touching scenes in dramatic, war or action movies.

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    The Great Family Adventure Mark Kueffner

    An adventurous, magical orchestral piece in the spirit of Disney / Pixar. This song is perfect for the opening of an adventurous children\'s or family movie. This song features a big orchestra and pan flutes.

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    Walking To The Future Emilio Merone

    An ethereal piano with some electronic sounds and some loops. Great FINALE with orchestra and orchestral percussions. You can use this track for action and romantic scenes, psychologic and drama as well.

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    Take Flight Owen Mulcahy

    A powerful cinematic electronic piece starting softly with harp and strings gradually building to include some electronic beats and full orchestra, It give a sense of flying high in the sky seeing the world below from a Higher perspective.It has a magical dreamy feel to it and can really help to connect emotionally with your audience.

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    Spring in Paris Elena Naumova

    Beautiful melody with optimistic vibe and mood of the french air.

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