Prelude To Battle

por Emanmusic

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Brava Orquestal melodía, instrumento de música - Metales, Flauta.

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  • Prelude To Battle Emanmusic

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    Slavic Epic Ebunny

    Original epic medieval track, filled with colors of Slavic mythology, and the heroic Viking epos. A powerful folklore melody excites the imagination and takes it to a fairy tale with valiant warriors, brave travelers, beautiful girls, and amazing wild nature. The unique Slavic fantasy flavor is created by such instruments as Zhaleika, flute, violin, balalaika, orchestra, cello, epic drums, brass. The track is ideal for games and videos with Russian folk, Slavic themes, as well as reconstructions of historical events of the Slavic and Viking world.

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    We Are Victorious ihsandincer

    A powerful and epic orchestral track with a feeling of achievement. An ideal choice for nature videos, motivational videos, political campaigns, action scenes, sport videos, and more. Be one step ahead with this track!

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    Epic Theme Roman Cano

    This is an epic and motivational cinematic track perfect for trailers, films, motivational videos, inspirational videos, video games music and more.

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    The Aurora Infraction

    Inspirational, hybrid orchestral Epic music. Perfect for cinematic openers, true heroes, travel adventure, brave hearts, strong spirit, and taste for victory. Used staccato strings, strong percussion, brass and sound effects!

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    Exciting Cinematic Overture Yoav Alyagon

    Inspiring and powerful cinematic track with a strong epic feel. This impressive arrangement features a full orchestra and delivers strong emotions of excitement, passion, hope, and courage.

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    Find Yourself raspberrysounds

    An expressive orchestra piece with full orchestra, powerful drums and piano. Perfect for film, workout, technology presentations, motivational videos, presentations, action trailers, games.

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    World Of Heroic Adventures Jon Wright

    An energetic, rip-roaring, epic, heroic orchestral track. Powerful, soaring, thrilling and glorious, it conveys determination, heroism, optimism, achievement and adventure. Great for trailers, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure projects and video games. Uplifting and positive.

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    After Battle SnowMusicStudio

    Powerfull dramatic epic background music with dynamic orchestral strings, brass, drums, etc. Perfect for action videos and cinematic projects, news reports, unstoppable army force, endurance and courage, strategy and tactics, gameplay battle, and for projects needing some strength and intensity.

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    Inspirational Trailer Jon Wright

    An uplifting, inspiring and positive, cinematic motivational track. A beautiful melodic piano is accompanied by a lush orchestra and light choirs to convey hope and inspiration. Elegant, emotive and powerful. Great for trailers, presentations, video games and projects that need to deliver a powerful, hopeful message.

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    The Last Survivor ABCstudio

    Super dramatic symphonic composition for heroic moments. Featuring a building orchestra with epic symphonic strings, strong percussion, brass and piano.

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    United Power Mike Nowa

    This orchestral epic modern classical track featured of woodwinds and brass melodies, powerful choir and horns, strings and percussion. It's great for Olympic games, documentaries, epic films like "Star Wars", space projects and presentations.

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    Emotional Inspiration Nazar Rybak

    Inspiration, and uplifting epic orchestral track. Great for scenes of wild nature, outdoor life, free spirit adventures, success story or corporate achievements. Featuring strings, brass section, and huge taiko drums.

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    Rise Of The Phoenix Jon Wright

    A powerful, uplifting and dramatic cinematic orchestral track that conveys determination, heroism, optimism and positivity.

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    Uss Starship Jon Wright

    Space and time travel theme, composed in the style of the hugely popular Hollywood sci-fi films and Disney TV shows. Cinematic, powerful, uplifting, and boldly going where no library track has gone before! Star Wars alike.

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    Inspiring Greatness Nazar Rybak

    Powerful and inspirational cinematic motivational track. Featuring piano, strings, horns and epic percussion drums. This background music is perfect for TV news intro, historical films, movies about superheroes, Olympic Games, epic trailer, heroic advertising, video teasers and other media projects.

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    The Glorious Victory Yoav Alyagon

    Super dramatic symphonic composition for the heroic moments. Featuring a building orchestra with epic symphonic strings, strong percussion, brass, and piano. We take pride in making top-shelf background music to help you supercharge your visual projects.

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    Risen Strength MediaM

    Emotional, powerful, epic, inspiring track. Consists of piano, orchestral strings, synth, bass, drums. This music track with a motivational and inspiring feel perfect for business success, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, epic scene, Film and TV.

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    The King Of Speed SPMusicGroup

    A positive and inspiring rock track, featuring electric guitars, piano, strings and hard drums. It will evoke feelings of inspiration.

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    Epical Air SnowMusicStudio

    Epic and dramatic cinematic track performed with big symphonic orchestra: drums and percussion, powerful strings, grand brass and deep piano. Perfect for motivational videos, trailers, movie, games, discovery video, travel projects, sports victory, YouTube videos and more.

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    United In Hope Jon Wright

    Epic, uplifting and powerful cinematic trailer music, with soaring horns, lush strings, and deep percussion. Builds to an awesome climax. Great for trailers, games, documentaries, and presentations that need a Hollywood soundtrack. Influences of Hans Zimmer and Brian Tyler.

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    Jungle Rescue Sean Balli

    Intro styled instrumental featuring flutes, strings, and various percussion. Possible uses can range from safari and animal themed scenes, intros, etc.

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    Epic Journeys Jon Wright

    Cinematic and dramatic orchestral track, with bold horns, soaring strings and powerful percussion. Conveys courage and achievement.

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    Epic Destiny Tunelight

    An emotional, epic and cinematic track which sounds like a combination of music from composers like Ludovico Einaudi, Rachel Portman, Yann Tiersen and Two Steps from Hell.

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    Make It Stronger AG Music

    Big epic action theme, that brings a lot of inspiration and energy to the listener. Ideal for historical war films, with a strong patriotic feeling, glorious victory, epic battle scenes, heroic deeds, Olympic Games and golden champions. Featuring powerful orchestral arrangement, and intense drums sound.

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    Way To Victory Alexander Lisenkov

    The cinematic track in the epic mood. It features the modern orchestra. Good for sports video or a video game.

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    Superhero Jon Wright

    It's an energetic, heroic, uplifting, and action-packed orchestral track. Thor meets Superman! It conveys a feeling of limitless adventure and drama while being positive and inspirational. Great for games, promotions, trailers, sports, and animation.

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    Back To Life Christos Poulos

    Orchestral composition with fast and dynamic strings sequence and strong orchestral percussion, suitable for your movie trailer, presentation video or any project which you need to pass a strong feeling of positiveness, rise, rebirth to your audience.

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    Call Of The Wild Jon Wright

    A panoramic, cinematic orchestral track with beautiful lush strings, bold horns, guitars and pulsating drums conveys a sense of awe and wonder. Great for documentaries, video games, adverts and trailers.

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    Strength To Survive Jon Wright

    Epic cinematic hybrid orchestral track. With energetic percussion, pounding bass, strings, powerful soaring horns and huge choirs. Conveys a sense of strength, action and achievement. Great for adding a dramatic Hollywood style soundtrack to trailers, commercials, presentations or dramatic projects. In the style of Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky and Two Steps from Hell.

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    The Dark Knights War AG Music

    "The Dark Knight's War"Is a big and heroic theme and a great epic dramatic action track that will support your fight scenes, battles, wars, and high tempo adventures! Perfect for swords, shields, castles, dungeons and knights!

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    Stay On Course Mike Nowa

    Dramatic, powerful orchestral track. Great for movies, TV and radio shows. Consist of strings, brass and percussion.

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    News Report Geoff Harvey

    Orchestra and brass symphony combine to create an important melody suggesting news intro music.

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    Titans March Mike Nowa

    Powerful orchestral track with strong rock drums. Consist of brass section, strings, piano and flutes. Great for movies, sports.

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    Final Glory Mike Nowa

    Powerful orchestral track created for movie, TV show or animation project.

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    Lavender Hills Jack White

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    The Whole Moose Jack White

    Dramatic cinematic music with strong patriotic feel. This music is ideal for scenes of war and prelude to the great victory.

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