Playful Poltergeist

por Brian Holmes

Agresiva Orquestal melodía, instrumento de música - Cuerdas.

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  • Playful Poltergeist Brian Holmes

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    Horror Jaws Ebunny

    Dramatic and scary, this composition has a feeling of impending doom. Using violin and piano, this melody arises from the depths of hell. The perfect score for a horror game or movie trailer, Jaws-esque shark scene or fantasy dragon fight, or dangerous exploration. If you are looking for dramatic tension, this is a must-have!

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    Fatal Choice Ebunny

    Music is the most effective way to connect with an audience and inspire it to action. This dark, horror, orchestral melody, describes a dramatic, fearful, scary mood that will bring a more sinister atmosphere to your projects. This track was inspired by dark, creepy games and scary movies.

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    Crime In The Streets Diva Production Music

    Suspenseful, mysterious, and intriguing music, featuring orchestral drums and percussion, orchestral string section, and brass section. Perfect background music for cinematic projects, commercials, action videos.

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    Mental Meddling Erick McNerney

    A strange, alluring yet menacing string piece. Ideal for science fictions, experimental art works, Halloween, horror projects, and especially thrillers!

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    Human Machine Paul Werner

    Dramatic, aggressive soundtrack with fast paced cello rhythmics as the main feature and hybrid drums. Suitable as background music for chase thriller scenes, sudden attack in war games, fighting action, and more. Ideal to provide tension and add some stress in your project.

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    Against The Clock Mark Woollard

    A tense, cinematic style track. Featuring various strings and orchestral percussion. This would make a good music bed for anything requiring tension and intrigue.

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    Sign Of Darkness Alexander Lisenkov

    A cinematic track in the dark mood featuring the modern orchestra and some synths. It can be used for psychological thriller or horror movie.

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    Warriors Michael Adels

    Suspenseful and epic film music with horns, strings and intense percussion elements for action movies and trailer.

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    Creepy Castle Camilo Castillo

    Creepy song, created to ambient dark stages. Best suits for horror films, thriller, crime scenes or tragic moments.

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    The Killing AG Music

    \'The Killing\' Track is a very suspenseful, atmospheric and a scary track. Ideal for Investigation,Crime scenes also for games and film scoring.

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    The Crow Denis Quarin

    Dark and infernal music ,choirs, orchestra, timpani, and eletronic fx, suggestive intrusion of darkness.

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    No Fear Christos Poulos

    Adventure cinematic track, expose a lot of action and mystery, suitable for movies, chase or action scenes. Electronic elements, combine with orchestra, to give move with an epic character overall. Enjoy!

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    Fury Evgeny Kiselevich

    Intense, powerful, dramatic music. Dynamics splashes, hysterical guitar licks. Good for action, chase, military Film/TV scenes.

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