Hard Rock Power

por Dave Brenner

Agresiva Heavy Metal melodía, instrumento de música - Bass-guitarra.
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  • Hard Rock Power Dave Brenner

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    Rock Power Dave Brenner

    A loopable driving rock and metal track with a catchy melody. Great for video, TV and anything that needs a high impact rock backing.

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    Rock That Crowd Media Sushi

    Energetic, upbeat indie rock track with a catchy guitar riff and strong beat with stomps and claps. Great music for extreme sports, action uses training and fight scenes, and other media needing a positive, powerful vibe.

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    On The Road Tonight Andy Littlewood

    Driving blues rock track featuring electric slide guitar, bass, organ and drums. Perfect in scenes of people driving down the open road, biker gangs, living large, city lights. Also good for automotive videos, roadhouse movies, Levi Jeans promotions, bar scenes, American road trips.

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    80s Rocky Training DimmyPlus

    Is an retro 80s rock inspired motivational guitar track featuting with catchy riff, rhythmic piano chords and powerful drums. Perfect for strong motivating presentations, action sport videos, movies about winners, champions, awards or reels for memories, promotional video, advertising and commercials, trailer, teaser, cinematic, vlog and much more!

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    Groove Metal Power Dave Brenner

    Ever needed a powerful track to stand out from the crowd? This piece is a guaranteed way to catch an audience's attention. An explosive metal track that totally rocks. Cool shaker, solid drum and bass groove, and crunching rock guitar riffs. Ideal music for sports, extreme sports, commercials, and party scenes.

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    Termination Diaries ihsandincer

    An epic and powerful hybrid rock/metal trailer with orchestral sounds, heavy guitar riffs, a solid bass and pumping drums. Great choice for video games, gym advertisements, game commercials, trailers, action movies, extreme sport scenes, gaming videos, fighting videos and much more. This track will give an intense energy to your projects!

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    Eloquence Gilles Paget

    Cannot be use for a fairy tale...

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    Cool Bikers Audioflame

    Hard Rock ident music that creates the perfect youthful energetic mood. Ideal for trailers, x-games, advertising, television, film production, radio stations, sports, sporting events, active scenes, commercial YouTube channels, and more.

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    The Chase Andrew Feeney

    An action packed funk rock track. Perfect backing for an action sequence.

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    Let Us Win Evgeny Kiselevich

    Active, energetic and hot teen punk track. With upbeat drums and bass, distorted electric guitars, synth melody, speedy tempo, rowdy riffs, catchy hooks. Great for extreme show, crazy footages, drift simulator games, street racing videos, stupid things, skateboarding, adventure vlogs, and just a rocking out.

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    Hard Rock Actions SnowMusicStudio

    Powerful rock track with overdrive guitar riffs, synth, hard elements, powerful guitars, cool epic toms. It is perfect for extreme action, military, sports video, game trailers, and other videos and projects.

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    Promo Rock Media Sushi

    Energetic rock track with a powerful guitar riff and strong drums. Great for extreme sports, adrenaline-filled action and fight scenes, motivational productions or car commercials, high octane ads and other media needing a cool powerful vibe.

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    Surfing On The Rocks ihsandincer

    Inspiring surf rock track with a vintage touch of 50's and 60's era typical guitar sound and catchy drums. Perfect for road trip, casino jackpot, gambling games, biker culture, Tarantino movies, "Pulp Fiction" style soundtrack, gangster black comedy, etc.

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    Fight Till The End DPmusic

    Intense action music with strong hard rock sound and powerful modern dubstep beat. This aggressive and edgy royalty-free track can be perfect background audio for action and extreme sports show, car racing video games, intrigue, chase scenes, or anything requiring a raw powerful edge.

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    Tough Workout DPmusic

    This is powerful and brutal hard rock music with modern dubstep beat and intense sound. This courageous, strong and manly royalty free music can perfectly fit for workout videos, fitness and sport videos, bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting videos, car racing, street racing videos, for motivational and empowering multimedia projects and advertising.

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    Southern Sun ihsandincer

    Bright country rock track with a catchy melody and driving mood. Imagine a scene in a smoke-filled bar with pools tables, men in cowboy hats and a band on stage. Perfect backgrounds for petty crime, vast landscapes, ranch of fairs, cowboy competitions, racing without rules, car dealerships advertising, TV and films are depicting the great southwest. The melody approach will sell anything to men, from beer to hair-styling gels!

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    Limitless Potential White Cat Music

    Looped verison of a powerful rock ballad, with energetic guitar parts. Different sections provide variety in terms of mood and energy level. Perfect for productions related to sports, action, motivation, competition, determination.

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    Dragons Ride Ionics Music

    Fierce and epic action track with heavy metal and orchestral touch. Raw action drive mixed with a hero theme. Suitable for trailers and big cinematic scenes. Featuring a wicked distorted bass hook and an orchestra. Breathtaking and in style of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

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    Power On Rock Eitan Epstein Music

    This is a heavy hard rock nu metal music, full of power and energy. Great for extreme and action sport, aggressive and strong moods, chase and speed trailers, fight and surf scenes, distortion and alternative overdrive music and much more.

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    Rebel Attack White Cat Music

    Fast, powerful, energetic, truly epic, a full speed heavy metal track, with an unforgettable guitar riff . The track builds up to an insanely charismatic shred guitar solo played by a real virtuoso.

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    Extreme Shot Soundroll

    Edgy overdrive guitars riffs with big drums and saw synths. This tune is useful as TV promo, commercial, or fashion and sport video project.

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    Metal Smokers Bernard Pintar

    Aggressive and dangerous metal track. Great for wild and extreme videos, adventure games, energetic action, and other projects that need power, motivation, drive, and muscles.

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    Rock The City Jerzy Bekus

    This is a high energy rock track. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

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    Action Metal Premium TraX

    This is a powerful and driving metal music track featuring heavy guitar riffs, hard drums and strong bass. Great for action scenes.

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    Metal Force Premium TraX

    This is a blasting and raging heavy metal track with powerful guitar riffs, super fast drums and strong bass, Hardcore energetic music great for films and videos.

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    Helicoid Gilles Paget

    Energetic, and heavy sounds...

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    Moonrock Dave Brenner

    Catchy rock guitar licks and riffs that sear into your brain with their intensity and Southern American feel.

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    Starrocks Dave Brenner

    Groovy rock track with a catchy descending and rising melody

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    Dark Clouds Over Planet Jack White

    Repent people! Dark clouds of human sins will surround the planet and the world will plunge into the darkness. The sunlight will not reach the surface and all the plants will die and people will left without food. Only the Power of Love will defeat the darkness!

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    Rawshack Dave Brenner

    Heavy rock rhythm guitar with pounding drums, making great music to complement any aggressive sequence.

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    Move Your Energy Jack White

    Descargar MP3
    Civil War Jack White

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