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Artística Moderna clásica melodía, instrumento de música - Clarinete, Maderas.

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  • Funny Memories ColourTunes

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    Pure Magic Ebunny

    It's a fairy tale that gets you off the ground and takes you to unknown distances, to the world of fantastic adventures, the world of fearless heroes, beautiful princesses, treacherous villains, monsters, and sorcerers. You become the hero of this tale - listen, enjoy and dream! It is simple magic. Mood: Celtic, fantasy, medieval, epic, magic, fable, dreamy. Instruments: violin, flute, guitar, brass, pizzicato strings, epic drums, oboe.

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    Life Is Beautiful With You Tunelight

    A positive, uplifting and inspirational tune with a cinematic feel featuring a memorable piano theme, strings and light percussion. Perfect for TV commercials, film, documentaries, slide shows etc.

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    Emotional Love Story APmuse

    An inspiring, romantic, and emotional cinematic music theme. Perfect as a background for the wedding ceremony, love story, greeting card, time-lapse video, film score, inspirational slideshow, romantic movie, melodramatic trailer, advertising, nostalgic and sentimental movie, inspirational presentation, family footage, and more!

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    Walking On Clouds Christian Aen

    This orchestral piece is very inspirational with a hopeful and uplifting mood. The beautiful melodies and textures in this track will put the listener in an optimistic mood and is perfect for corporate background music, timelapse videos, or indie films. I used piano, flute, bells, and orchestral strings to create this track.

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    A Beautiful Dream AG Music

    Very soft and atmospheric track, with a smooth and gentle Celesta and piano movement in the background. This heartfelt, beautifully reflective, mellow piece is perfect for movie productions that are looking to create beautiful, soft, and sentimental moments.

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    Mystery For The Witty Ionics Music

    It's like sneaking into a dark old house with a flashlight - searching for clues. Featuring lots of fun instruments like castanets, fender Rhodes, flute, oboe, and celesta. Perfect for cartoon or a video game music.

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    Magical Christmas Night Audiocalm

    Magical Christmas tune with celestial orchestral sound and majestic festive mood. Includes piano, jingle sleigh bells, brass, children choir, celesta, strings, and massive cymbal crashes. Ideal for New Year videos, romantic Christmas films, winter holidays season

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    Passage Of Time Brian Holmes

    An orchestral tune for video game loop with a peaceful melodic line but a sense of underlying tension. There is a repetitive theme to give the sense of time passing with additional elements being added over, well, time!

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    Curious Way Sungtae Kim

    A light comedy track with a playful twist featuring pizzicato strings marimba and percussion implies a sense of motion, curiosity, and innocence. Great for dramedy, reality TV, children\'s & animal shows, comedies & cartoons.

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    Fantasy Dream ColourTunes

    This one is a magical orchestra royalty-free soundtrack with great sounds of marimba, xylophone and pizzicato strings. This fantasy music theme is more than perfect for your cartoon animation, education channels, cute animal video or smart visuals for babies. Good luck with your projects!

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    Night Sky DPmusic

    Emotional cinematic music with beautiful hopeful melody. It has a proud patriotic music, yet glorious mood merged with a warm naive atmosphere. Perfect background music for cinematic project, film trailer, cartoon fairy tale, romantic love story, film credits,

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    Last Goodbye Audiocalm

    Bittersweet, emotional modern classical composition with a touching melody that creates a melancholic, yet heroic mood. Suitable as a dramatic soundtrack for wild nature videos, deep relationships, timelapse movies, romantical lovely stories, beautiful heartfelt drama, finding new hope after the heart was broken .

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    Classical Story Audiocalm

    This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring piano and orchestral strings. Fit for cinematic and romantic projects, dramatic video, documentaries and more.

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    Morning Motivation Alexander Lisenkov

    This is positive and warm track in an uplifting mood. It features smooth piano and pizzicato strings and would be great for placing in advertising or ecological videos.

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    Silly Cuckoo Clock Emilio Merone

    Bouncy and slightly brooding track with a cute melody. Lead instruments are clarinet and celesta that creates a funny mood.

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    Peaceful Feeling Alexander Lisenkov

    This is calm and positive track in a peaceful mood. It features minimalistic ambient piano and harp. Good for relaxing video.

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    Cinematic Road Tunelight

    Cinematic emotional background, reminiscent of hollywood composers likeThomas Newman and film scores like Shawshank Redemption. Features piano, strings, oboe. This is a very filmic and cinematic piece starting with light sprinklings of piano along with ambient pads and subtle violins, to be accompanied later by a full string ensemble and oboe. There is plenty of space and it would work great for film underscore.

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    Dreams And Clouds Audiocalm

    Beautiful dreamy orchestral piano track. Suitable for a magical journey, heartfelt story, dramatic moments, cinematic background, film soundtrack, magic moments.

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    Smiling In The Snow Ionics Music

    Merry Christmas! The perfect tune for the best holiday of the year. Very positive and magical. You can feel the spirit of Christmas.

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    True Legend DPmusic

    This is beautiful cinematic music with truly inspiring atmosphere and cinematic orchestra sound. This lovely music can be used in romantic films, love stories, cinematic trailers and adventure scenes. Beautiful guitar, strings, piano, horns, cello, basses and trombones create unique and a bit fantasy mood of a fairy tale or epic storytelling.

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    Sweet Moments Tunelight

    Beautiful and light background track featuring piano, glockenspiel and strings. Perfect for wedding videos, slideshows, Youtube channels, productions about babies, animals, love, relationships and more.

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    Perfect Nature Nazar Rybak

    Emotional piano, strings, bells and oboe are merged in this dramatic, hopeful and beautiful cinematic tune. Perfect background music for inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, bittersweet sentimental videos, personal growth projects, life achievements, and more.

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    Sincere Feelings DPmusic

    Gentle, sweet and innocent cinematic music. Beautiful piano with orchestra instrument. Very romantic and sentimental mood will be perfect background audio for any proper events such as wedding videos, sentimental love stories, sweet and gentle moments of life.

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    Beautiful Moments Of Life DPmusic

    Very emotional, beautiful and sentimental tune with light cinematic piano and full symphonic orchestra. Perfect background audio for any proper events such as wedding videos, love stories, sweet and gentle moments of life.

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    New Light Day SnowMusicStudio

    Beautiful sweet and romantic instrumental music track. This sentimental, tender, touching and sweet melody will suit as background for kids game or cartoon animation, Disney like fairytale, sweet dreams and magic wishes.

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    Imaginary World Nazar Rybak

    Contemporary and classical, beautiful piano and orchestral strings, great for emotional underscore. Perfect for documentaries, films, commercials.

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    Sneaky Cat Roman Cano

    Funny and quirky music track, featuring pizzicato strings and celesta. Perfect for comedy videos, animations, tv shows, movies, presentations and documentaries.

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    Walk In Wonderland Elena Naumova

    A very strange and whimsical melody with a broken rhythm would work well as a theme for a kids’ show, video game or on a background of a funny scene.

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    Emotional Wedding DPmusic

    Beautiful cinematic track with emotionally touching melody and sentimental romantic mood. The gentle sound of an elegant piano with symphonic orchestra creates very sensitive and intimate atmosphere. Perfect background music for any proper events such as Wedding Videos, Love Stories, Sweet and Gentle moments of life. Think about "River flows in you" by Yiruma.

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    Inspiring Day Tunelight

    Light, uplifting and inspirational tune with a cinematic feel featuring piano and strings. This cute and beautiful background music is perfect for TV commercials, romantic films, Valentine's day, love stories, family and kids home videos, weddings photo slideshow music, and more.

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    Waiting For Wonder Alexander Lisenkov

    Calm and quiet track in a Christmas mood. It features pizzicato strings, bells and piano. It would be nice for Christmas video.

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    Impossible Dreamland Raffaele De Leonardo

    Dreamy track, with particularly elegant and complex instrumentation, full of nuances and colors. Wonderful counterpoint between strings, bells, electric guitar, backed by a powerful rhythm. Suitable for all media projects, particularly for presentations and videos.

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    The Fairy Tale Elena Naumova

    Fairy and majestic tune in Christmas mood/style. Song arranged with pizzicato strings, a lots of bells and woodwinds. Great for children’s project, videos, commercials, advertising, websites, TV.

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    Peaceful Christmas Geoff Harvey

    Pleasant flute and piano chords with delicate under-lying string flurries play gently creating a soft, slightly emotional Christmas melody hinting at snow or night time during Christmas the season.

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    Baby Steps AG Music

    Dreamy, tender and delicate. This version is very close to a lullaby feel, moving and heartwarming, composed with a nice glockenspiel, grand piano and orchestra. Well suited for content geared towards children or projects that include a touch of fantasy and Ideal theme for a foundation due to its hopefulness and sensitivity. Also suited for youth advertisements and movie scores.

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    The Dream AG Music

    A very soft and quite atmosphere track,with a very smooth and gentle Celesta and piano movement in the background. This heartfelt and beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for movie productions which looking to create a beautiful soft and sentimental moments.

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    Wishlist Elena Naumova

    Fairy Christmas time when everybody believe in magic. Yes, if you really do it - no wonder, all wishes come true. Very gentle and majestic composition.

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    Hurry to Happiness Evgenii Serebriakov

    Positive and very active energy this music inspires to hurry to your happiness. Best for business, presentations, videos, games and show.

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