Be A Hero

por Brian Holmes

Agresiva Moderna clásica melodía, instrumento de música - Cuerdas.

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  • Be A Hero Brian Holmes

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    Hybrid Drama ColourTunes

    Mozart like hybrid orchestral, epic powerful royalty-free track with traditional orchestral strings and modern dubstep drums. Perfect for your trailers, films, video games music, and other cinematic projects! Thanks for listening and purchasing.

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    The Power Of Winning ihsandincer

    A powerful epic sport track with a dubstep beat, growling bass, energetic staccato strings and various synth sounds. Perfect for dramatic sport videos, motivational projects, gym and bodybuilding videos, car commercials, Youtube videos, infomercials, and much more

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    Be My Hero Christos Poulos

    Slow-motion epic orchestral cinematic hybrid piece. Begins with a warm piano chord progression, deep impacts creating that dark sentimental feeling. Strings, brass, and percussion join in as the theme develops. Risers and SFX lead to the climax accompanied by Choir, woodwinds, powerful hits, and all the modern elements of today's market.

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    We Are Here To Win ihsandincer

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    Fill My Heart Nazar Rybak

    Motivating, powerful and dynamic track. Beautiful piano, catchy melody, majestic brass, inspiring mood and soft epic drums – it’s all in this track. You can use it for different types of your projects, such as commercials, advertising, slideshows, trailers, movies, films and more.

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    Light Air Audiocalm

    Ideal background and shimmering tune for emotional YouTube videos, atmospheric soundscapes, reflective drama, meditation, films, inspiring speeches. Relaxation, ambient and airy mood will give your projects more emotions.

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    Dramatics Dark SnowMusicStudio

    Dramatic epic and hybrid cinematic background music track. Perfect choice for any military videos, energetic motion graphics, fighting adventures, commercials and more.

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    We Are Going Up AG Music

    Emotional cinematic music featuring orchestral strings, cello, and piano. Has a soft dramatic feel and HI-END sound design. Perfect as a soundtrack for dramatic films, reflective moments, historical documentaries, and commercial videos.

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    Moments Of Truth Audioflame

    Dramatic modern classical track with a high-tech sound. Featuring electronic plucks, synths, gated pads, violins, piano, and drums. Great for showcasing the important business process, inner-work operations or behind-the-scenes action. Also suitable as background music that creates anxiety and an atmosphere of serious engagement, e.g.natural disaster news report.

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    Road To Dream MediaM

    Emotional, inspiring, and beautiful modern pop music played with orchestral strings, drum beat, e-piano, digital synth and more. Perfect to use as underscore for slow motion video, car adverts, motivational projects, 4k drone footage, travel advertising, mobile apps, and more.

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    Ready For War Azovmusic

    Powerful Cinematic Trap composition with brass and strings over hard pounding percussive trap drums. Featuring driving strings, percussion, bass, and beats creating a bold, triumphant mood. Perfect segue music from commercial, action, cinematic and sports broadcast.

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    Epical Dubstep RMSound

    Epic and emotional dubstep featuring staccato strings, violins, brass and other. This dramatic and beautiful background music works great for RPG video games, heroic action, inspirational Hollywood style projects, battle blockbuster, and more.

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    Step To New Level DPmusic

    This is modern and groovy music with a catchy beat and atmospheric sound. Main instruments are electric guitar, strings, bass, piano, and drums. This track can perfectly fit for any kind of media projects, stylish video, YouTube vlogs, corporate presentations, sports commercials, advertising and more.

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    Reveal The Future Mikael Manvelyan

    A powerful inspiring and motivational track with an uplifting feel. Multiple strings parts, piano, powerful drums and percussion combine to create a full and motivational feel. Perfect for business successful style, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV.

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    Big World MediaM

    Inspiring, powerful, and motivating music. Perfect for corporate videos, success story, videos about the world, people, grandiose projects. Perfect for films, games, Olympic sports advertising, trailers and teasers, YouTube channel about traveling and more. Instruments used: piano, strings, bass, powerful drums, fx, guitar.

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    Birth Of A New Life Audiocalm

    Beautiful inspirational classical track with bittersweet and heartwarming mood. Ideal background for cinematic project, colorful slideshow, film. Includes instruments are piano, cello, viola, violins, strings staccato.

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    Golden Age Of Modern Empires Ionics Music

    A very determined neo-classical hip hop tune with a strong lyrical string melody. Slightly melancholic and ironic. With the back to classical music and towards a modern beat rhythmic tunes. Suitable for presentation videos, luxury products,time lapse music, documentaries, James Bond and Tudors like film themes, and commercials. Conveys a feeling of royalty and luxury.

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    Modern Performance DPmusic

    Urban cinematic track with crunchy industrial percussion and deep piano melody having a slightly dramatic touch. Great for the dynamic action scenes, modern construction, contemporary world, conflict decision, corporate industry, where everything is building up and gearing up.

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    Piano Concert Christos Poulos

    This is a track, with two piano playing a suspenseful/chasing melody and strings in background. Suitable for many uses on TV commercials or your video project. Enjoy!

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    At This Time Mike Nowa

    A motivational track about the good things in life - with acoustic piano, drums and brass section. Put this track to use in your production for those situations where you want to spread a positive and optimistic feeling.

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    Poseidon Mike Nowa

    Powerful orchestra track divided on two parts.First is light and dark, second is hard and massive.Great for movies,documentary.Consist of whole orchestra sounds with some percussion and digital synths.

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    News Report Geoff Harvey

    Orchestra and brass symphony combine to create an important melody suggesting news intro music.

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    The Last Leaf On The Tree Mike Nowa

    Calm but dynamic track great for movie. Consist of harp melody, piano, orchestral strings and massive percussion.

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    Never Say Die Sean Balli

    Hip Hop loop featuring brass, acoustic piano, electric piano, strings, and heavy bass.

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