Alone In The Space

por Berool

ContentID: Si
Abstracta Ambiental melodía, instrumento de música - Piano.

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  • Alone In The Space Berool

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    Watching The Mirror Nuform Music

    Tender, peaceful, and moving piano track with light melody reminding us of our long-lost loves. Great background track for emotional scenes, nostalgic videos, or videos that tell a story of someone's past and memories.

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    Ethereal Nebula MintWhale

    Nostalgic ambient music, based on warm piano, slow soundscapes, and spacey pads. Perfect as background music for nature documentaries, slow-motion videos, sci-fi films, time-lapses, etc.

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    Summer Nature MintWhale

    Peaceful ambient music, based on warm piano, airy soundscapes, and spacey synth sounds. Great as background music for intimate film contents, slow-motion videos, vast landscapes, time lapses, etc.

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    Lost Hope AG Music

    It is a calm, soft, quiet, and underscore track for any nature, drone videos. It will help you to relax and concentrate. If you are looking for a softer, more muted type of music, this is for you, great instrumental background music for media projects including YouTube videos, films, television, commercials, etc.

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    Free From All Fahmy Isaac

    A soft relaxing track with an ambient new age sounds good for meditation, relaxation, studying, positive transformation, sleep aid also for spiritual practice and inner peace.

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    One Light Year AleXZavesa

    Deep electronic ambient background track with truly bewitching sound. It includes synth bass, e-piano, atmospheric synth tone. Ideal for your sky timelapse, science projects, meditation practices, relaxing spa massage music, and oddly enough for high-tech commercials intro.

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    Flight To Andromeda AleXZavesa

    Ambient electronic background music with an abstract and sensual mood! It includes soft drums, deep bass, and atmospheric synth sound. Suitable for science videos, hi-tech processing, Earth from space stream images, relaxation and pensive mood etc.

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    These Simple Dreams Erick McNerney

    A minimal piano piece with a modern classical feel.

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    Atomic Clock Mike Nowa

    An ambient chill track featuring piano, tons of synths, arpeggios, wide pad, smooth bass, confident drums and sound effects. This background music is great for all kind of relaxing projects, as well as science, technology, and instructional videos.

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    Tropical Falls Rick Dickert

    Piano, guitars, celesta, bass, drums and percussion play Latin-inspired arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of relax, positive growth and uplifting experience. Also for ambiance and new age applications.

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    Future Idyll Geoff Harvey

    Contemplative piano backed with soft, timely drums evokes a sense of relief and resolution. The melody itself is calm and collective, suggesting a scene of tragedy or remorse.

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    Phasing Stream Erick McNerney

    An ambient, jazz infused instrumental. Great for introspection and reflections, thoughtful moments, life and time, inner state of mind, art performances, philosophy, contemplation and relaxation.

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    Gently Down Into The Maelstrom Raffaele De Leonardo

    Slow and hypnotic development in this track, suitable for background music in rooms dedicated to body care and beauty.

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    Somber Afterthoughts Erick McNerney

    A dark, ambient and reflective piano piece with abstract background sounds. Great for lush and dreamy scenes, thoughtful moments, distant planets, stargazing in film and documentaries.

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    Reverberating Sadness Erick McNerney

    A sad, lonely piano track. Perfect for productions dealing with loss and death.

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    Crop Rotation Alexander Lisenkov

    Calm and quiet track in a positive mood. Featured instruments are piano and atmospheric pads. Good for documentary films or slide shows.

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    Intimate Lounge Piano Raffaele De Leonardo

    Quiet, hypnotic and relaxing long loop, with hints of melody entrusted to the piano on a striking background of synthesizers. For spiritual balance, meditation, yoga... and to find your serenity!

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    Green Place Dvir Zilverstone

    Calm and blissful corporate music. Relaxing positive and optimistic with light digital synth, soft strings and beat. Best for new age and ecological business model presentations and modern background music related to green energy, organic products, computers commercial internet banking communication.

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    The Strip Sean Usher

    Stylish Ambient Background Music Loop, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

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    Inception Maxim Panchenko

    Neutral stylish background music with minimalistic sound effects. Good for intros, presentations and videos about fashion show, work process or different types of information.

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    Prelude To A Kiss Mike Nowa

    Airy track that has flying around acoustic piano with variety of synth sounds. Good for fantasy games, Role Playing games, fantasy worlds etc.

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