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Animada Pop-rock melodía, instrumento de música - Guitarra eléctrica.

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    Way To Go Mike Nowa

    A cheerful, optimistic, and uplifting pop-rock track with acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion. The track will perfectly fit your TV, radio, advertisement, YouTube video. Its brightness and inspiration make this background music ideal for a variety of projects.

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    Party With Friends ihsandincer

    An uplifting, inspiring, groovy and modern indie pop-rock track featuring live electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion. If you need an uplifting and positive sound for your projects and videos, this track will be a perfect choice. Have fun!

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    Strong By Spirit DPmusic

    This one is a dynamic and energetic pop-rock track with a bright sound and an inspirational mood. Powerful and highly uplifting music will give you an excellent atmosphere for any advertising, promotional videos, business and corporate presentations, success stories, career achievements, happy lifestyle videos, travel and adventure videos, motivational speeches, sport videos, and many more.

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    Inspiring Bikers Drive Nazar Rybak

    Background music track in a teenage rock style with energetic, happy vibes and optimistic mood. Perfect for the young audience, YouTube videos, skateboarding, extreme sports, energetic advertising, exciting promo and more. Featuring melodious electric guitar, muted bass guitar, and driving percussion.

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    Challenge Your Limits GreenBird

    Challenge Your Limits - Motivational track in Lite rock style. Featuring electric guitar, organ, synthesizer, modern rock riffs. Suitable for travel, advertising, sports, and positive commercial videos.

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    Much Stronger DPmusic

    This is very celebratory and catchy musical composition with wonderful joyful and positive atmosphere and truly inspiring energy. Perfect background audio for any award video, energetic products, bright achievements and other projects.

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    The Carousel Berool

    Happy, energetic pop-rock track with powerful drums, bass guitar, nice guitar melody, piano, and strings. The track is full of energy and joy. Perfect for adverts, commercials, or any project that needs fresh, pleasant music to create a good mood and lift the spirit up.

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    Move With Me DimmyPlus

    Inspiring, upbeat energetic pop track featuring electric guitars, electronic drums, bells and percussion. This track will give you all happiness of summer. Perfect for advertisement, travel and holiday visuals, vlogs, summer party videos and more.

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    Dancing On The Moon Giraffe Music

    Happy, optimistic and energetic inspirational indie rock track. Best for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, business and travel videos, motivational presentations, slideshow and more.

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    Friends Will Be Friends Goji

    Happy, positive, and uplifting pop-rock track with very motivating, distorted electric guitars, positive bass, and cool "Hey" vocal. Super-versatile for use in various types of projects! The perfect soundtrack to the youth comedy for example. Use it independently as a background just as well as a base for voiceover work. It's one to cheer you up!

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    Driving Determination Paul Werner

    Free and soaring pop-rock music featuring acoustic and electronic guitars with uplifting drum beats. Great for any exciting action, adventures, Youtube clips, lifestyle media products for the teen audience, podcasts or personal use.

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    Skate Rock Media Sushi

    Cool and dynamic punk-rock track with the infectious electric guitar's bass line. Great for projects needing young spirit drive like extreme sports videos, impossible skateboard tricks, teens go wild scenes, and other multimedia in search of catchy and powerful vibe.

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    White Keys Goji

    The track is full of great electric guitar vibe and a powerful drum groove, catchy guitars, and fat bass. This feels good track is packed with energy and fun and will be sure to add excitement to your project. Put a bit of rock and roll into your next video.

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    We Love Dancing BeepCode

    Uplifting and energetic indie synth-pop track in a modern style with a positive mood. Great for various media use e.g., trend product demos, mobile app, radio commercial, sales promotion, youth festivals, international social projects, cool Youtube vlogs, children's camps videos. Choose cheerfulness and joy for your projects!

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    Great Changes DPmusic

    This is brave and encouraging uplifting pop rock music with optimistic and inspirational mood. Main instruments are electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, electric bass, acoustic drums, strings, tambourine and pads. Great background music for any advertising projects, youtube videos, positive and success stories videos, travel and achievement videos, happy and hopeful videos.

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    People Are Great Diva Production Music

    Uplifting and upbeat music track in the style of Dream Pop. The electric guitars create a 'wall of sound' and bright textures with the combination of delay effects, making perfect for film projects, drone videos, aerial cinematography, commercial, advertising and more.

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    Shiny Day ihsandincer

    Energetic and happy punk-rock track for teen-oriented projects, featuring electric guitars, bass guitar, synth and drums. Perfect choice for sports videos such as skateboarding, BMX, streetball and youth-oriented material.

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    One Fine Day DPmusic

    This is catchy and dynamic pop tune with uplifting and positive mood. Main instruments are electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, acoustic drums, celesta, strings and electric bass. This inspirational royalty free track can perfectly fit for any advertisement and commercials, youtube promo videos, travel movie, adventure lifestyle and more.

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    Time Of Your Life ABCstudio

    An upbeat, energizing and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Could be used for any business purpose, commercial video, as music for team building activities, and more.

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    Pop Festival Diva Production Music

    An upbeat, positive and energetic pop-rock track that will evoke feelings of success and achievement. Perfect background music for commercials, advertising, websites, marketing and more.

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    Dancing With You Evgeny Kiselevich

    Active, uplifting indie rock track. Fast tempo, good mood. Straight groove, acoustic guitar, overdriven guitars, synth sequences, guitar solo.

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    Yeah Lets Do It Yoav Alyagon

    An upbeat, energizing and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. We take pride in making top-shelf music to help you supercharge your visual projects.

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    Happy And Free Media Sushi

    Upbeat inspiring track perfect for media projects. Fits a different kind of production like youtube video, TV commercial, advertising, vlog, presentation, family travel, happy kids and more!

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    Fun Sunny Day MediaM

    Fun, optimistic, upbeat and positive track featuring acoustic guitars, piano, hand clap, snaps. Ideal for commercial or corporate use, puzzle games, beautiful presentation, uplifting projects, family and friends fun, video with animals, kids, whimsical advertising, and more.

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    Rock This Life Media Sushi

    Energetic upbeat indie rock track with a catchy guitar riff, and strong beat with stomps and claps. Great for extreme sports, action uses, training and fight scenes, and other media needing a positive powerful vibe.

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    Energy On The Show Diva Production Music

    Energetic and upbeat pop rock track with catchy electric guitars, bass and drums. Perfect background for commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, sports videos, social media promotion and more.

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    On The Top DPmusic

    Motivational and optimistic track with positive and catchy atmosphere, that will make your projects sound awesome. Perfect background audio for any video, media, digital production, YouTube vlogs and other multimedia projects.

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    Secret Of Success Alex Grey

    Hi-energy and very positive corporate background. Made with love for people. In the style of Coldplay.

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    Reach The Top Audioflame

    Light and energetic summer pop track can lifting your mood. Melodic guitars, dancing rhythm and sounds of each instruments created only for your any summer project.

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    Life Is Happiness Premium TraX

    Joyful and exciting Pop-Rock composition featuring bright guitar riffs and straight beats. A cheerful piece that works great as a youthful summer tune for lifestyle, parties, teenage flicks, TV series and sitcoms, advertising, commercials, YouTube videos and much more. In style of "Beverly Hills 90210" or "Friends" soundtrack.

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    Wake Up Time Mikael Manvelyan

    Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel. Perfect for business successful style, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV.

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    Day Of Joy Audio Walker

    Exciting, positive pop rock with kicking drums, rocking guitars, fresh fx sounds, and a rolling funky bass. Perfect for advertising, commercials, presentations, fashion and lifestyle.

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    Espresso Mikael Manvelyan

    Corporate music track with motivational and inspiring feel. Perfect for business successful style, advertisement projects, high tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations.

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    Moving To New Heights Soundroll

    This one is a positive and optimistic pop rock song, driven by electric guitars, subtle high synth leads. The music is perfect for video presentation, business video, traveling Youtube video.

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    Corporate Innovations Premium TraX

    Upbeat, motivating and catchy music track featuring marimba, glockenspiel and piano for the main melody, also featuring orchestral strings, energetic drums and moving bass guitar. This inspiring, fun and addictive composition is great for any kind of advertising, including TV and radio commercials, and much more.

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    Goal Is Accomplished Premium TraX

    Motivational and Inspirational corporate music track featuring delayed muted and arpeggio electric guitars, upbeat drums, piano and solid bass guitar. Uplifting music great for corporate videos, commercials, business presentations, TV, radio, promos and other projects that require energetic and motivating background music.

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    Inspire The World Matthias Harris

    Uplifting and energetic pop rock, featuring upfront electric guitars, driving beats and melodic, catchy pop synths. Perfect for modern corporate, business, sporting projects or for use within YouTube or Vimeo videos.

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    Secret Of Love Evgeny Kiselevich

    Active and energetic pop-punk track. Sounds a bit like Simple Plan, All Time Low and similar bands. Very positive and uplifting feeling, Dynamics of this track changes from a smooth straight rhythm to the splash of energy. Works well for modern corporate video, branding, ad campaigns, sports etc.

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    American College Andrea Quarin

    Energetic, bouncy and inspiring alternative/teen rock track that will take you to the American College Movie campus on the very first day of lessons! The video camera is on a wide shot and all the students are running towards the entrance to attend the first lesson of the year ... American Pie movie sounds alike! Perfect for energetic segments, video presentations and teen TV programs.

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    Cold February Mike Nowa

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